An Epiphany :’)

Well, each and every person here on have unique abilities, capabilities, thoughts, opinions, gestures, etc. Yeah! 🙂 

Each one is a unique one! but that is that so easy?

I mean.. people are created different but do they actually pose to be the same? honestly, no! :/

They do not try to create their own selves as a different masterpiece in the world, but they kinda rush back the so called idols. Idols are not for copying. They’re just for the purpose of emulating certain traits. Not the whole!

These things happen, not because others are great and everyone wants to follow them back but because they do not want to make an effort to create to be worth it ! This is the only problem with most of them today.

Sad :/ but true! :’)

You may think it’s a bitter truth?

Or an existing reality? :’)